Interdependent Self-Sufficiency

Our mission is to strengthen communities with an empowered workforce by creating profitable social enterprises.

CleanTurn's core training for individuals looking to move towards "interdependent self-sufficiency." The focus is adequately preparing individuals for the rigors of CleanTurn's intense model of training and transitional employmet. Our approach is unique because it is holistic—we focus on the entire person in the context of community (both the community they live in and the community we are creating at CleanTurn).

Our collective desire is to see men and women who are career oriented and who are taking the necessary steps to develop themselves professionally. We believe financial stability is not the end all be all. We as a community want to see individuals pursue healthy lifestyles characterized by healthy eating and regular exercise. We want to see individuals actively engaged when their families and children in productive and positive ways. Further, we want to see our team members actively engaged as volunteers in their community.


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3rd Anual Passion Purpose Profit Conference Educating and empowering the business community to offer employment opportunities to those coming from challenging backgrounds (Friday, September 22, 2017)